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Andrew Zeleno Mixing Course

The main idea of the Andrew Zeleno Course (9 months over Skype) is to be the most effective course which brings real results to any student; this is one of the reasons why Andrew Zeleno became a full-time teacher and concentrates solely on accomplishing this goal after many years working as a professional audio engineer/mixer/producer.

Andrew Zeleno rates are $150 USD per month. Andrew Zeleno Course price includes convenient monthly payments via Paypal. Для русскоязычной группы цена курса Andrew Zeleno сто долларов США в месяц с удобной помесячной оплатой.

One of the most important nuances of the course is a 'fair and honest approach'. Any potential student can experience the live class in real-time for free with actual students who are participating in the course at that very moment. Visitors can even ask these students for their opinions before enrolling. After enrolling, a student pays only after a week of education, and monthly from then on; in this way, Andrew Zeleno challenges himself to convince students class-by-class that it is the best course to keep enrolled in. 99% of students finish all 9 months of the course and hundreds of students have graduated from the course which has been running continuously for the past 11 years in a row.

The other nuances of the course include: unique home work checking classes (which no other course has). Students’ projects are opened up in real-time with no advanced preparation, mistakes are shown and improvements on student mixes in real-time are conducted explaining every nuance, detail and reason behind each adjustment/move. Andrew even compares them with the best sounding songs of all time (professional reference tracks); in this way, Andrew Zeleno again challenges himself by showing his students that he is capable of making their mixes professional sounding. Other instructors will not take this risk to expose their skills in real-time in front of a class.


unique home work checking classes, clear teaching methods, critical thinking on pros and cons of any processing, busting myths, not only what to do but why, many unique techniques, information filtering to get rid of commercial disinformation, spending 9 months with students crafting their knowledge and real practical skills.

80% of Andrew Zeleno Audio Production and Mixing Course is about mixing and mastering. It also covers post production, sound design, music production, vocal tuning, music writing, studio setup etc.

Some of Andrews' student works:

Hubert Torzewski
Rommy LeVent
Eduardo Andrioli - Hip Hop

Additionally, you can read about Andrew Zeleno's' credits and professional background at ANDREW ZELENO CREDITS

You should check out Andrew Zeleno Youtube channel at

There you will find many students' reviews under these videos, because Andrew asks students to post them there. He replies to such comments and specifies the student's group. If you join a trial class you can choose to be in the same group with the commenter. These reviews are copied to the reviews website mentioned as the first link on this page.

However, the best way to decide is to get a free trial class and see for yourself.


What Andrew Zeleno does to be the best teacher for you

“Knowing about how to do something and knowing how to teach to do something is a huge difference. A real teacher should work on the content, not appearance. For example, imagine the best mixing engineer who provides some course, they have impressive credits, but what’s the content of the course? Do they know how to teach? Will they spend 9 months with a student crafting their knowledge and practical skills in all areas of audio engineering? Of course not. They will not have time to dig in each student’s project and that’s why I decided to be a full-time teacher and concentrate on bringing real results to students. Also most instructors would not risk showing themselves as a weak mixer if they are unable to improve students’ mixes in real-time. I take this risk and even compare students’ mixes with the best sounding songs of all time, again in real-time home work checking classes.

Even though I have serious experience in professional audio engineering, when I became a teacher in a high demand in 2016, I didn’t have time to mix for artists and never really had this intention in the first place. I have always wanted to be a teacher. Decide what exactly you want from a teacher: the list of famous artists (appearance) or being helpful for you (content). I decided to spend my time to become the best teacher I can become (content). In the end of a day you need to decide if you want one of the best audio production courses which can truly be a game changer course for you (content) or you just need your "teacher" with a list of famous artists (appearance).

However, I have a serious experience as an audio engineer: I was a senior audio engineer, mixer, producer of State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. Broadcasting in my home country has a regulated classification of audio engineers where I got the 1st class audio engineer status. Also I had a successful studio for three years where I recorded, mixed and mastered hundreds of non-professional artists gaining a lot of experience in different genres. Additionally, I have an experience in audio production for video games, post production, plugins testing, Youtube. You can read about my credits at ANDREW ZELENO CREDITS

I work with audio every day. I don’t publish my songs because I want to be known solely for teaching, however I work on audio more than any mixer. Other mixers commonly work in a narrow field of specific genre, whereas I work with everything: checking students’ projects in different genres, infinite testing, measuring, analysis, experiments, mixing, mastering, music production, sound design, post production, beat making, song writing and recording my own guitar music with my vocals, orchestral music production, Youtube educational videos on my Youtube channel with 40000+ subsribers. As a result, I develop a much wider spectrum of skills than a regular mixer, again to be an effective teacher to deliver real results to my students (content).

The next component is how people sell products in this world. If they convince you to buy something, you pay for it in advance. Nobody cares if you will get great results with this product because you’ve already paid. My approach is better. Even though I have very positive reviews, you don’t need to decide or pay in advance. You get a free trial class which is a live online class with my students who are currently taking the course. If you like it, you enroll. You will pay only after you start the course, and you can pay during the first week, not in advance. I challenge myself in this way so I will need to keep convincing you class-by-class and keep you enrolled, because you haven't paid yet and you will continue to pay monthly. I will need to convince you to stay for each month, every month! I will be proving the top quality education class-by-class. 99% of students finish all 9 months of the course and I have been teaching like that for 11 years in a row. My product is quality education and you don’t pay for it in advance. You can get a free trial class to see it by yourself.”



Andrew Zeleno
  • Full-time online instructor with hundreds of students graduating from his course over the last 11 years
  • Senior audio engineer, mixer, producer of State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (1st class audio engineer status according to regulated classification)
  • Years of experience in audio production with a video game credit, mixing, mastering, recording, post production and plugin testing for major software company

  • View the full list of credits at ANDREW ZELENO CREDITS.